Jason Farr has earned his reputation for getting things done. As the City Councillor for Downtown Hamilton for a dozen years, Farr facilitated countless efforts that cut through red-tape, brought the right parties together and found workable solutions.

Jason’s efforts resulted in unprecedented growth and sustainable development for Hamilton's city centre.  A decade long boom meant that many projects large or small needed to go smoothly.  

Farr also created and amended many of the current local government policies.  He knows his stuff.  If you seek input on or need someone to build your plan, get in touch.  

If you or your business are having trouble navigating through government policy and procedures or any other non-government related project or you simply seek guidance at any time during your project window, Farr can help.   Farr engages with all relevant partners including administrators, managers, the business community, residents and politicians.

Farr is solution oriented in his approach to achieving the desired outcome.

Get in touch for a free consultation.

twitter: @jasonfarrhamont
instagram: jasonfarrhamont